Player 1:
Player 2:
AI Depth:

The board has two rows of six holes with a single large hole (Mancala) at each end. To start, each of the holes (except the Manacalas) have 4 stones. To take your turn, click on the bowl (number) that you want to move.

Players take turns picking up all of the pieces in one of the holes on their side. The player deposits one of the stones in each hole, moving counter-clockwise until the stones run out. The player deposits stones into their own Manacala but not their opponents. If the last stone falls in the players Manacala, they go again. If the last stone falls in an empty hole on the players side and there are pieces across from it (on the opponents side), they capture that piece and the opposing pieces.

The game is over when one players side in empty. If the other player still has pieces on their side, those pieces are theirs. The winner is the player with the most stones